Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alabama Author's Debut Novel

What kind of music drifts across the mountain ridge above the tiny rural Alabama town of Eden, and what are the secrets hidden on the mountain paths, under the ancient trees, and under the mysterious moon of Moonlight Ridge?

Discover a family history filled with a legacy of curiosity, courage and delightful eccentricity, in a setting where the natural fauna and flora of the woods of Alabama create a wonderland for two unusual children.

Can you hear children's voices, singing and laughing as they dance beneath sweet gum, dogwood, and sycamore trees, with the gentle Alabama breeze murmuring leafy music around them?

Wouldn't you like to see what these two precocious cousins see, hear the whispery secrets, and feel the ancient magic in the deep woods and on dusty red-dirt trails, as they look for answers and follow their hearts 'out on the mountain?'

All these secrets and mysteries come to life on the pages of
Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge.

Read it and discover an enchanted world you'll not soon forget.

Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge
ISBN 9780984083688
Ramey Channell

Published by Chalet Publishers LLC


  1. Ramey, looking forward to your second book. I sent a copy of Sweet Music to a friend in Vermont and her response was, "Us Northerners need to read more about the soft, sweet sounds of the South."

    I agree!


  2. Joyce: What a charming and much appreciated response to my book! I'm so glad she enjoyed SMOMR!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting, Joyce, Beth, Susan and NoWhereMan! Coming up: more brief quotes and snippets from Moonlight Ridge, contests with possumable prizes, and announcements of upcoming events.

    Best whishes,