Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sleigh Bells and Ink Wells on Moonlight Ridge

Welcome to all the Blog Hoppers and visiters! In this joyous season of celebration, I'd personally like to celebrate all the wonderful books being written and the talented authors who write them!

Let me introduce myself: I'm Ramey Channell from Leeds, Alabama. My debut novel, Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge, was published in 2010 by Chalet Publishers LLC.

Here I am with my book, the first in a series of four Moonlight Ridge novels.

I'm currently working on the next installment.
Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge is a work of fiction, based on remarkable real-life characters from my childhood and family history!
Filled with magic, music, laughter and a little touch of the supernatural,

it's a special story about two precocious children who take matters into their own hands,
solve a mystery, and save the day!

The next blogger after Moonlight Ridge is Leah Shalleda!

Thanks so much to our sweet and talented Smoky Zeidel for all the work she did to pull this great idea together.


  1. Happy holidays, Ramey. Congratulations on your series, and no, I don't want a dog! ;-) (Jack Russel terriers have more energy than I could ever handle.)

  2. As I read your wonderful book, I had the sneaking suspicion that you knew and/or knew of some of those folks in "real life." I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


  3. Your series sounds fascinating - I look forward to checking it out.

  4. How interesting to weave family lore into a fictional series! Looks like a wonderful read!

  5. This was one of my favorite books of 2011--always listed in my top five. I didn't realize it would be a series; I'm looking forward to the next. Let me know if you need a beta reader! 8-)

  6. I look forward to getting acquainted with your writing!

  7. Wishing you luck, love and pleasure working on your new novel!

  8. Now, you have me completely intrigued! I'm always curious how much of our own lives we include - overtly, obliquely, or entirely unconsciously - in our fiction. You seem to know exactly what you're doing, Ramey!

  9. Hi Ramey,
    I loved this book! (But that is no news to you). So glad to hear there are more coming. You go girl!

  10. Good luck with the books! I look forward to reading Sweet Music.