Saturday, November 12, 2016

Find out what's happening on Moonlight Ridge when 
"the witchin' season" comes around!

The second book in the Moonlight Ridge Series follows the adventures of Lily Claire Nash and her cousin, Willie T. Nock, two precocious children in the woods of 1950s Alabama. Ghosts, hauntings, scary tales told 'round the evening fire, witches, and famous legends weave a story of mystery, romance, and tragedy.

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Happy Reading!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Witches of Moonlight Ridge

In the second book of The Moonlight Ridge Series, Lily Claire and Willie T. are back and as spunky as ever! With seasons changing on the mountain, the two intrepid kids venture into new territories, meet surprising new characters, and learn that the mysteries and magic on Moonlight Ridge continue to lead them into new adventures.

Just in time for the holidays, The Witches of Moonlight Ridge is a terrific gift for all book lovers. 

"The first days of autumn on Moonlight Ridge felt like a kind of paradise. The mountain and everything on it, including the people, seemed to relax and breathe easy. After the raging heat and humidity of summer subsided just a little, we were left with gentle warm days when the air around us and the sky above us became crystal clear and expansive. Days were fragrant with the spicy scent of leaves changing colors on sweet gum, dogwood, and maple, mixed with the sharp green scent of tall pines and flourishing cedars. Nights were cooler, the mosquitoes had pretty much decided to call it quits, and dreamy sleep beside an open bedroom window was blessed by gentle, friendly breezes. . . But, as my granddaddy always said, when the witchin' season comes to Moonlight Ridge, there's just no telling which way the cat will jump!

And then, there was that dog!"


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Moonlight Ridge Series: Volume Two

Exciting things are happening this month on Moonlight Ridge. Volume 2 of The Moonlight Ridge Series will be here soon! Watch for The Witches of Moonlight Ridge from Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, and local book stores. Book signings and events will be announced online, on this blog, and on Facebook.

Get ready for mystery and a few spooky surprises as Lily Claire and Willie T. find new adventure this autumn 'out on the mountain.'

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Witches of Moonlight Ridge

Halloween is almost here, and witches are out and about on Moonlight Ridge.

Check back for updates and publications news as the witching season draws near!

The Witches of Moonlight Ridge

a novel

Coming in October, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Reading - Sweet Music

Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge
An adventure is waiting for you on Moonlight Ridge!

Catch up with eight-year-old cousins,Willie T. and Lily Claire, 
in their summer escapades out on the mountain 
overlooking a small Alabama town called Eden.

and get ready for book two, 
The Witches of Moonlight Ridge, coming this fall.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Typing, typing, typing! 

Book Two is coming along with quite a few surprises! Spring is here, and we're having stormy weather, but I'm tucked away, with a nice cup of coffee and a view of the green woods outside my back door. The Witches of Moonlight Ridge continues the story of Lily Claire and her crazy cousin, Willie T., out in the 1950s Alabama woodlands they call home.

In Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge, (St. Leonard's Field 2015) the intrepid pair discovered a treasure map, solved a mystery, executed a daring rescue, and saved the day! Now, Lily Claire and Willie T. are once again exploring Moonlight Ridge and finding themselves up to their eyeballs in strange and wondrous adventures.

I'll post news and updates here, as the witching season, autumn 2016 approaches, and publication of The Witches of Moonlight Ridge draws near.

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