Thursday, April 14, 2016

Typing, typing, typing! 

Book Two is coming along with quite a few surprises! Spring is here, and we're having stormy weather, but I'm tucked away, with a nice cup of coffee and a view of the green woods outside my back door. The Witches of Moonlight Ridge continues the story of Lily Claire and her crazy cousin, Willie T., out in the 1950s Alabama woodlands they call home.

In Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge, (St. Leonard's Field 2015) the intrepid pair discovered a treasure map, solved a mystery, executed a daring rescue, and saved the day! Now, Lily Claire and Willie T. are once again exploring Moonlight Ridge and finding themselves up to their eyeballs in strange and wondrous adventures.

I'll post news and updates here, as the witching season, autumn 2016 approaches, and publication of The Witches of Moonlight Ridge draws near.

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