Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Festivity of Witches

Me talking.

I had a spectacular book event today, hosted by a delightful group of book-loving friends. at the home of Nell Richardson, one of our hometown leading ladies. After my book presentation, reading, and discussion, we listened to Phil Ochs' (on CD) sing his very passionate and moving version of "The Highwayman," a song taken from the poem written by Alfred Noyes in 1906. This song, the tragic story of Noyes' poem, and local legends of romance and tragedy, are featured in The Witches of Moonlight Ridge, my second book of the Moonlight Ridge Series.

We talked about funny family stories, grammar school memories, and favorite teachers. Erskine Batson, the fourth-grade teacher in Witches,  inspired us to recall many of our own memorable and sometimes capricious school teachers from the past.

After our book discussion, we were served a fabulous lunch: tasty items provided by the ladies attending the meeting and an impressively delicious Lane Cake, baked by the multi-talented Bill Richardson.

I enjoyed this get-together immensely, and a good time was had by all! Thank you, Nell, thank you ladies, Susan, Ellen, Carole, Joan, who provided such excellent food, and thanks to guests and everyone who contributed to a delightful event.

Delicious Lane Cake!